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zeromark84 in catholicleft

My name is Zeromark and I'm a CL...

I've taken a long time in coming here, but especially within the last year, I've found myself more and more divorced from my parent's theology. (Which is, arguably very conservative catholic.)

Part of this is working for a Jesuit High School, another part is me reading blogs like Slacktivist, a evangelical liberal blog. Other than that, a lot my drifting from my parent's theology has come down to my own questioning of where things fit in with the basic two rules of the Christian ethos, namely "Love God and Neighbor."

Problem is, I'm not even sure how I can really approach the issue anymore around my parents. This is partially due that I'm an actual B.A. of theology, and while my parents are well read on their faith and college educated in their own right, there's a definite divide about how we approach theology.

(We had a lot of squabbling over my spring break over the right of universal health care.)

I guess I'm asking, has anybody here come from a rather conservative background and turned liberal over time like me? Or have relatives that are conservative like this?


My parents are pretty liberal, so I haven't had this problem - but I've noticed there's more of a trend toward liberalism in Catholics in Europe than in the US. Are your parents politically conservative, too? From the healthcare issue I would guess so. I doubt you can change their minds, but perhaps you can get them to respect your beliefs by calming demonstrating how many important Catholics have had a liberal attitude toward social justice.
I am afraid I haven't - at least not in such terms. I never did get round to introducing myself on this site, and to explain that I am not a Catholic Liberal ... Rosina, born and raised an Anglican, and of Conservative parents, self identifying as a Conservative for politics, and Liberal for social attitudes. Of course, I'm in England so my liberal Conservatism is several steps left of Democrats in the US. And I promise to be tactful and respectful where differences occur.

But what I did post was to say Hello to Zeromark - are you are slacktivisit lurker, or do you post? I do occasionally, though now no longer as Rosina ... But I look forward to seeing you there. It is wonderful - I am always quoting bits to my friend teh_elb, both from the Left Behind books (the Worst Books EVER!), and from the other discussions. If you see someone with Left Behind on their bookshelves, my advice goes, flee at once!
I'm a complete lurker at Slacktivist; I mostly ignore his Left Behind posts, however.

As for my parents...well, they claim to be pro-life democrats. But more and more, they only follow the Republican party purely based on abortion, almost blindly.