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This community is intended for those who consider themselves to be both left wing/liberal and Catholic to have a forum for discussion. In recent years it has seemed that the conservative face of the Church gets all the media attention, but left wing ideology and Catholicism do not have to be in opposition. After all, the term social justice was coined by a Jesuit! We hope that this community will enrich our faith and our political discourses, as we all continue in our lifelong journeys of discernment of the Divine.

Our Church is very broad, and even within the left wing we're bound to have different opinions. Please remember the virtue of charity when engaging in debate! As the Catechism says, "[s]ince our knowledge of God is limited, our language about him is equally so. We can name God only by taking creatures as our starting point, and in accordance with our limited human ways of knowing and thinking." (I.iv.40) We welcome the whole spectrum of the Catholic Left here - whether that means you are doctrinally orthodox but politically left wing, or whether you dissent with the Church on what are considered 'conservative' issues. There's room for all of us here who love our faith but have different ways of living it!

This all sounds very serious and worthy. Please do also feel free to use this place to vent frustrations, tell anecdotes - hey, even post LOLtheologians, if that gets you going (because who DOESN'T want a macro of St Anselm?).

A note: non-Catholics are welcome to join the community if they can use it respectfully!

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